Salmon Birthday Cake

300g chopped salmon, 100 g ricotta, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon chopped dill, the filling, 2 trays of 100g of salmon, prawn terrine, 100g smoked salmon cubes, decoration, kitty litter cake, cats recipes,

-300g chopped salmon
- 100 g ricotta.
- 1 egg.
- 1 teaspoon chopped dill.
For the filling:
- 2 trays of 100g of salmon and prawn terrine .
- 100 g smoked salmon cubes.
For decoration:
- 1 jar of ricotta.
- the carob powder.
- 1 stencil on a form of pad
- Some pink dye

1 / First Preheat oven to  (210 °C)
2 / In a bowl, mix the salmon with ricotta, add the egg and dill.
3 / Mix well to obtain a homogeneous preparation.
4 / Pour half the mixture into a greased mold.
5 / then,press the terrines and spread this mince on the preparation of  salmon.
6 / Then, cover with the rest of the preparation.
7 / Put the dish in the oven for about 20 minutes.
8 / As soon as the cake is done, turn it out and let it cool down prior to decorating.
9 /make sure to reserve a few tablespoons of ricotta for pink glaze.
10 / then ,Mix the rest of the ricotta carob powder to obtain a color close to that of chocolate.
11 / Then, in a small bowl, prepare the pink ricotta, following the indications on the packaging of the dye.
12 / Finally, by using a spatula, cover the entire ricotta carob cake.
13 / Then apply the stencil on top of the cake and spread the  pink ricotta with a pastry knife to fill the cavities.
14 / Finally, lift gently the stencil area to remove it and serve the cake.

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