Black Forest In Form of Black And White Cat

Preparation time: 1:30h
Difficulty: Medium
Ingredients (for 8 people):

-8 eggs (separate the whites)
-2 glasses of flour,
-2 glasses of sugar
-1 glass of cocoa
- 9tablespoon of water.
-500ml of fresh cream
-100g of nutella
-1-2 boxes of cherries
-fot garnish: mikados, smarties and grated coconut

-Make the cake: Beat the egg yolks with sugar, cocoa ,flour and water. And beat the egg whites gently. 
-Put it in three round pans of different sizes.
-Put it in a medium oven about 3/4 heure.
-Make whipped cream with fresh cream and sugar.
-When the genoises is cool , cut into 2 two of the Genoese to the head and body, put whipped cream and cherries, replace the other disk and top it with nutella.
-With the third genoese ,make tail ears and garnish it with nutella.
-And garnish with smarties for eyes, and mikados for whiskers and a piece of sponge cake without nutella for the mouth, a little grated coconut to make white spots.
-That's a pretty darn good and beautiful cake for a birthday.
eggs, separate the whites, 2 glasses of flour, glasses of sugar, glass of cocoa, tablespoon of water, 500ml of fresh cream, 100g of nutella, 1-2 boxes of cherries-for garnish, mikados, smarties and grated coconut, kitty litter cake, birthday chocolate cake, birthday cake, chocolate cake for birthday,

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